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What Are Essential Oils?

An essential oil is a group of chemical constituents that are volatile (meaning they can evaporate and be distilled), oil soluble (meaning they will dissolve in or combine with oils and other lipids), and are found in all or part of one of many differentaromatic plants. These constituents are created by plants for immune defense, pollinator attraction, damaged tissue healing, and other metabolic purposes within the plant.


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Ashley's Essential Oil Kits

Midwife and Doula Kits

I am often asked about my suggestions for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum or breastfeeding. Because the oils I most often recommend for these periods vary from the most commonly used household oils, I've created some "kits" with my suggestions. These kits can be ordered by calling or emailing me with your order. I will then place the order for you (which will be shipped directly to you) and send you a free gift (or gifts) as a thank you for choosing to begin your oil journey with me.