Breast is Best - A film trailer from Norway demonstrating breastfeeding tips as well as kangaroo care following cesarean. VIDEO

Homebirth Information

Homebirths on the Rise Across the U.S. - ABC News does a story on homebirth in the U.S.  VIDEO


Women speak out about what has gone wrong with the United States Birthing System.

Newborn Health

Infant Circumcision Causes 100 Deaths each Year in the U.S. - That's nearly the same as the number of deaths caused by SIDS! So why are parents still insisting on performing this cosmetic surgery?


Delaying Cord Cutting Reduces Iron Deficiencies - Study finds that delaying cord cutting at least 3 minutes reduces iron deficiencies at four months after birth.


Herbal Baby Bath - If you want to add a natural herbal fragrance to your baby's bath with natural cleaning and healing properties, check out this herbal recipe.


Correlation Between Vaccine Schedule and Infant Mortality Rate - The CIA and CDC studied the IMR and vaccine schedules worldwide to determine if the correlation explains why the U.S. ranks 34th among developed nations in IMR.

Pregnancy Health

Why You Should Stop Doing Kegels - A biomechanical scientist shares information on pelvic floor health and what you should be doing instead of kegels (hint: squat!)